ADHD Coaching Retreats

Recharge, connect & make the most of your brilliant brain.

Hey! You look like you could do with a break.


Connect with other ADHDers

Unmask and share shame-free with other ADHD folks who understand what life is like for you.

Switch off to switch on

Take a proper break from the non-stop chug of life and focus just on you. No rushing, no one else to look after.

Design your real-life ADHD system

Uncover your strengths and challenges and design a YOU-shaped operations manual to make life easier.

Our upcoming Retreats

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Join ADHD coaches Sarah and Liz and a small group of fab women (who get it) for four restorative days of reflection, connection and learning.

June 2024

Thursday June 13 - Sunday June 16, 2024
Northern Rivers Region, NSW

All inclusive accommodation in luxury hinterland setting

Learn about your ADHD and you - the whole woman!

Design a life that works for you: your strengths, challenges and dreams.

Meet your coaches

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Sarah Hoff

Sarah Hoff is an accredited ADHD Coach and Professional Organiser with a passion for supporting neurodivergent people to design fulfilling, authentic lives.

Inspired by her own lived experience as a woman with a late diagnosis of ADHD, Sarah founded The ADHD Revolution to empower people to free themselves from the struggle and build the lives they deserve.

Sarah is passionate about teaching the importance of self-understanding, self-acceptance, and above all self-love as the foundation for positive change.

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Liz Welshman

Liz is a certified ADHD coach and consultant partnering with adults and students sick of executive function challenges getting in the way of their brilliance.

Her practice is centred around helping smart but burned out professionals, frazzled caregivers and out-of-the-box thinkers reimagine their potential and work with their ADHD traits.

Her interest in ADHD began on a (flailing) search for “good enough” parenting strategies to help her son embrace his square-peggedness, and studied to become an ADHD coach via the ADD Coaching Academy in New York to help other people live peacefully with ADHD.

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