Women's Recharge Retreat

Press pause on overwhelm and connect to what you really want.

Gymea Eco Resort + Spa, Northern Rivers Region NSW

What if you could put down all the spinning plates for four days and focus on YOU?

As ADHD coaches working with creative, values-driven, empathetic women, here's what we hear every day:

You're stretched paper thin across multiple responsibilities

You give 110% to everything you do and have nothing left at the end of the day

You live in fear of dropping balls, despite trying so hard all the time and overfunctioning

You know that life could be so much more fulfilling, if only you could just get on top of things

Self-care feels like an unrealistic luxury for women with time and hired help, or just another should on your list

You often feel guilty, despite putting everyone else first 

The Women's Recharge for women with ADHD ready to see themselves beyond their "deficits".

An all inclusive 4 day retreat to recharge and reconnect to your hopes, strengths and needs.

Experience what rest truly feels like to reimagine how this could feel in your life

Intentionally design a life that accounts for who truly are - your hopes, strengths & challenges - so you feel excited for the future

Understand your emotional experience with compassion and develop a plan for responding to those challenging moments in a way you feel proud of

Gain a deeper understanding of your values, strengths & needs so you can align your vision of success with what you actually care about, not what the world has told you matters

Consciously choose your personal boundaries based on your values and needs and communicate them with kindness and confidence

Call out the nasty inner critic that plays in your mind unchecked and replace with more truthful, helpful self-talk that matches who you truly are

The Details


Four days and three lush nights accommodation at Gymea Eco Retreat Centre & Spa in your own king room


Fully catered, delicious plant-based menu to nourish your body. (Read: a break from shopping, cooking, planning and cleaning up)

Rest & Recharge

Destress and calm your nervous system with daily sound baths, ADHD-friendly meditations designed and guided reflection


Coaching workshops to help you uncover what you truly want and design a realistic, inspiring vision with tangible next steps to make it happen

Overview Of The Program

The Big 3 for Women with ADHD

Define and communicate your boundaries. Learn to tolerate the discomfort of guilt to create the life you deserve. Push through people pleasing.

Resource your Emotional Toolbox

Ride the waves (tsunamis) of your emotional experience. Uncover the less-than-helpful self-talk that keeps you stuck. Rewrite your ADHD story.

Create a vision for your life & confident next steps

Define how you really want to feel in your life. Uncover how to make moves on the big dreams that matter only to you. Create a simple plan you can believe in.

Experience true rest & realistic self-care

Practise bite-sized mindfulness practices you can access when you need them most. Experiment with journalling techniques to declutter your brain. Identify your stress patterns.

Meet your coaches

JPEG - Sarah 34

Sarah Hoff

Sarah Hoff is an accredited ADHD Coach and Professional Organiser with a passion for supporting neurodivergent people to design fulfilling, authentic lives.

Inspired by her own lived experience as a woman with a late diagnosis of ADHD, Sarah founded The ADHD Revolution to empower people to free themselves from the struggle and build the lives they deserve.

Sarah is passionate about teaching the importance of self-understanding, self-acceptance, and above all self-love as the foundation for positive change.

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Liz Welshman

Liz is a certified ADHD coach and consultant partnering with adults and students sick of executive function challenges getting in the way of their brilliance.

Her practice is centred around helping smart but burned out professionals, frazzled caregivers and out-of-the-box thinkers reimagine their potential and work with their ADHD traits.

Her interest in ADHD began on a (flailing) search for “good enough” parenting strategies to help her son embrace his square-peggedness, and studied to become an ADHD coach via the ADD Coaching Academy in New York to help other people live peacefully with ADHD.

About Gymea Eco Resort & Spa

Gymea accommodation

GYMEA Eco Retreat Centre and Healing Spa is positioned on 113 acres of secluded rainforest at the base of Mt Warning with stunning views of Wollumbin National Park in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales.   

Gymea is located 40 minutes from Gold Coast Airport and 45 minutes from Byron/Ballina airport. 

You can check out Gymea by clicking here.

Facilities include:

  • The Healing Spa with offerings including massage, body treatments, sauna, steam room, plunge Pool and hydrotherapy spa
  • 20 beautifully appointed eco rooms (just for our guests)
  • Magnesium pool
  • 113 acres of stunnings grounds for rainforest walks
ADHD coaching retreats

Just a moment to drool over the Spa Session..

A 2 hour hot and cold circuit that we're hanging for (relaxing, not hardcore)

Traditional pine sauna

Warm and relax those tired tech muscles. And btw, that's where the best chats happen.

Essential Oil Infused Steam Room

Cleanse and show some love to your skin and breeeeaaathe.

Magnesium Plunge Pool

Dip in for a perfect contrast of hot and cold to lower inflammation.

Hot Ozone Jacuzzi

Sink in and relax after all that "hard work". Continue chats.

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