Wondering if the ADHD Women's Recharge is for you?

Join us for a LIVE Q&A Zoom Session on Wednesday 3rd April. We'll announce a special offer for live attendees.

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Those smiling heads belong to us - Liz Welshman and Sarah Hoff. We're ADHD coaches, your hosts, fellow ADHERs and we'd love  to meet you!

We've designed the kind of retreat that we want to go on that helps you create change that lasts.

But it's a big deal to take four days away from life! You want to make them count. (And maybe sus us out? That's ok. We won't take it personally).

So bring your lunch, coffee, cocktail. And most importantly, bring your questions. See ya there!

Discover what's possible for you

Introducing.... us!

Yes, we're ADHD coaches. But we're women with ADHD too. And wow, are we still on this journey! We want you to feel comfy sharing your story, so we'll strip off first.

Clarity on the change you want to see

Creating the change you want to see is a journey, not a destination. So let's start now. We'll lay the groundwork so you squeeze the max juice out of the 4 blissful days away.

The nuts & bolts

We know, boring. But essential. How do I get there? How much will it really cost me? Do I have to do anything weird and whacky? And do I need to have an ADHD diagnosis to join in?!

Gymea accommodation

This session is for you if:

  • You've tried the things, read the books, saved the instagram posts, and wonder how will this help me?

  • The thought of being stuck with a a group of women who are just not your people for four days freaks you out

  • You're not exactly sure about what success for you would look like. (Hey, we have ADHD. It can be hard to define!) 

As life long winners of "Most Improved" and "Attendance" awards, we think showing up should be rewarded.

Make sure you snap up your spot at a session on Wednesday to hear our special offer for live attendees only.